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The National Association of Public Policy and Management Specialists (ANESP) was founded in 10 May 1989 in Brasília, Brazil, as a non-profit organization, with the aim of promoting the interests of the members of the Public Policy and Management Career of the Brazilian Federal Civil Service. The Association currently represents nearly 900 members. 

ANESP is composed of a General Assembly, an Executive Board of Directors, a Fiscal Council and an Ethical Council. The General Assembly congregates all members of the Association and is charged with electing the Executive Board and members of the councils, in accordance with the Association's bylaw. Directors are elected jointly for a two year term and are responsible for leading the Association. Councillors are elected individually and are charged with auditing directors and staff. All directors and councillors are unpaid volunteers who belong to the Public Policy and Management Career. The Executive Board relies on a professional, impartial and paid staff to support their activities. Current directors and councillors assumed office on 29 November 2013.

The career of Public Policy and Management Specialist is one of several in the Brazilian Federal Civil Service. However, it distinguishes itself in some ways. All members of this career are hired through highly competitive merit-based processes for offices with attractive salaries and various benefits. They also accumulate valuable experience working across ministries and most obtain graduate level education in leading institutions at home or abroad. Hence Public Policy and Management Specialists, traditionally referred to as "public managers" or "public executives", tend to be amongst the most qualified professionals in the country.

This Public Policy and Management Career was established by law in 1989 during the Administration of President José Sarney in order to further professionalize the Brazilian Federal Administration. The implementation of the career was in fact inspired by the experience of the French government's elite National School of Administration and its career of Civil Administrator. Today, Public Policy and Management Specialists maintain a link with the Brazilian Ministry of Planning, while working across various agencies in the Federal Administration, usually in senior management and advisory roles. Exceptionally, members of this career have been assigned to work in the Legislative and Judicial branches as well as in state and municipal governments.

Federal and national governments of other countries possess careers or offices which are of similar nature to the Brazilian Public Policy and Management Career. These include: the Senior Executives of the United States and Australian federal administrations; the Senior Civil Servants of the United Kingdom government; the Administrative Officers of the Singapore and Hong Kong governments; and the Civil Administrators of the French and Spanish governments.

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